Central Coast Recovery Centre

Enjoy the luxury of your own private recovery room


Brand new recovery/relax room

Experience the top of the line Odin Ice Bath for ultimate muscle recovery together with the therapeutic benefits of our spacious MIR Infrared Sauna.

Immerse yourself in relaxation and tranquility in our Aromatherapy and Stretching Designated Area.

We are now taking bookings!

Call us on 02 4384 3577 or 0466 984 409

Price List

Recovery Room Standard Membership
Unlimited 30 minute recovery sessions
$35 p/w
Recovery Room Premium Membership
Unlimited 1 hour recovery sessions
$50 p/w
Casual Entry
30 minute recovery session$20
60 minute recovery session$40
2+ people 60 minute booking$20 pp
Central Coast Recovery Centre - Odin ice bath
MIR Infrared Sauna